"Ready for the Murder"

ft. Twisted Insane

Who are you?


​I'm your worst nightmare






:  Kansas City, KS

Record Label:

Murder Musick




Bone Thugs n Harmony, Jay-Z, Twista, Red Man, Method Man, Royce Da 5'9", Eminem, Tech N9ne

Current Location:

Kansas City, KS


The Lyrical Assassin

     Hurricane is an American rapper from Kansas City, Kansas, as well as the third and final member of the original trio. His prior experience in the underground music industry has gained him the most evolved business mind within the Choppa Clique.

     Hurricane has done music with some of the biggest names in underground hip hop with ties to Tech N9ne's Strange Music label such as Twisted Insane, D-Loc, Dalima, and S.H.A.D.O.W. He is best known for his dynamic rhyme schemes with wide-ranging speed rap abilities and mind-blowing flows. His style incorporates bizarre hardcore rap influenced by Old School hip hop, and made the perfect addition to the Choppa Clique's growing hype phenomenon.

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